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Advisory & Consultancy Services

The IMAS is fortunate enough to number some of the most senior martial arts masters in the world among its members, and this includes western martial arts such as those of ancient Greece, European Renaissance, traditional stick fighting and wrestling, as well as those of the Orient (Japan, China, Okinawa, Phillipines, Thailand, Korea, etc).

Indeed, a large percentage of our membership is, at any one time, engaged in seriously researching these various combative systems as well as practicing them.

What areas does the IMAS specialise in?

Expert Advisors and Consultants are available in the following areas:

  • Historical accuracy

  • Technical research

  • Armed/unarmed combat (both ancient and contemporary)

  • Fight arrangement/re-enactment

  • Stage combat (displays, etc)

  • Expert witness

Man with Samurai Sword

Historic and Combative Advice and Guidance

IMAS has a huge amount of expertise in the field and can offer both historic and combative advice and guidance to all who require such a service such as TV, film or theatre. 

Man with Samurai Sword

Expert Witnesses

 IMAS have the capability and expertise to act as consultants/expert witnesses to relevant authorities as and when the need arises.

IMAS is now truly a worldwide organisation, so are able to offer these services internationally.

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