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From short & intensive CPD courses to degree level learning, the IMAS offers education and training in all aspects of the Martial Arts

CPD (Continued Professional Development)

Virtual Team Meeting

The institute of Martial Arts and Sciences offer a wide variety of short, intensive courses, specially  designed for the busy martial arts instructor. These courses cover the following skills:


  • Health and safety

  • Child Protection/Safeguarding

  • Equality and Diversity

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • First Aid (martial arts specific)

  • Methods of Instruction

  • Personal Safety

  • Control and Restraint.

These short courses are currently undertaken via distance learning, with lessons, assignments and assessments being carried out via email and online seminars.  


We are in the process of updating our facilities to allow these short courses to be purchased and carried out online at the students own pace.  If the course you are interested in is not yet available for purchase online, please contact for more information.

Upon successful completion of our CPD courses, all students will receive an IMAS certificate of completion

Graduation Ceremony


The Grad.IMAS course currently consists of three nominal academic year blocks of 6 units, with the last of these units consisting of a research project.

The student is expected to deliver the equivalent level and standard to that of a Bachelors degree.  Thus, the candidate must satisfy the examiners in all units of the course.


Both the number and nature of the units examined may be varied in order to accommodate future developments and maintain standards.

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