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Membership Plus

Membership Plus is now available to new and existing Associates, Members and Fellows of the Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences.  

In addition to the membership benefits of the IMAS, individuals will receive the following documentation: 


  • IMAS Membership ID Card

  • IMAS Certificate of Membership (Electronic copy)

  • Letter of welcome or renewal (Hard copy signed and sealed)

Card Front.png
Card Back.png

Membership Card

The IMAS ID card includes your photograph, membership number, level of membership and expiry date.  New ID Cards issued upon membership renewal.

The reverse of the card includes a full list of your Verified academic and Martial Arts qualifications.  The IMAS ID card is ideal for Instructors to quickly show their professional competency in a convenient manner.

IMAS Certificate

An electronic copy of your IMAS Membership Certificate.  Valid for 12 months and re-issued upon membership renewal.

IMAS Letter of Welcome

A hard copy of your IMAS letter of welcome or membership renewal.  Signed and sealed

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